Wwe Supercard Tips and Tricks for Beginners

WWE Supercard Tips and Tricks

The WWE SuperCard is an enjoyable game if you know the tricks to play it. Many players spend a lot of dollars behind getting through the tight rings. Primarily the game is well designed to play without spending money.

You can smoothly go for the levels without any in-app purchases, but you need to know the wwe supercard tips and tricks. Here are my tips for playing the game without spending money.

Always Play Wild and War Mode

Play Wild and War Modes

When you are a beginner, your primary aim is to have a strong wrestler such that you can dominate in the ring.

The best way to get the strength is to train your Heroes received through the Starter pack. But that would require a lot of cards.

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Playing the War and Wild mode will ensure you draft picks which can give you Super Hero cards and Support Cards.

Choose Players with Fewer Matches Played In Wild Mode

To secure a Win at the beginning, you must choose the wild section and play with others who have less experience and strength of the Heroes.

When you have a higher stat of Heroes and Divas, You can easily knock them out of the ring.

Improve Your Six Cards and Use Them

Improve Your Player Cards

In your Wild and War mode, you will require only six heroes, four males, and two females.

Choose your best card through the auto-fill section and ensure that you are investing in the higher stats. Improve these six heroes using other cards and play the matches.

Watch the Video and Get Four More Picks

After every match end, you can get the chance to pick at least a draft card. But if you watch a video, you will get the opportunity to pick another four cards. There is a site called https://wwesupercardcheatsglitch.com/ which can be used to earn resources that matters you in the game. You should try it out.

So never miss this chance to improve the strength of your Deck.

Take Part in Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are an excellent way to start in the game. The best part of winning these tasks is to secure the tickets and coins.

Coins are the strongest in-game currencies that can be easily obtained through these challenges. Using these credits and Coins, you can make any purchase through the stores of the game.

Play Money Bank to Earn More Coins

Also, you can secure money through Money Bank Mode. You will get a starter pack of heroes and support cards when you start playing the mode. But before that, you need to play one King of the Ring mode.

In the money bank mode, you can earn certificates. If you win the complete match, your count of certificate doubles.

Using these certificates, you can receive a Stronger Hero. The tips to win the match is to use your heroes appropriately.

Keep your best heroes for the next move. Always keep an eye on the stats of heroes so that you have an advantage on your opponent.

The Conclusion

As a Beginner, your primary aim is to raise your level as fast as you can. If you follow the above tricks, you can manage to go higher in a short period.

Playing more matches will ensure you a Pro hero, and that will help you secure your win.

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