The Importance of Retirement in the Sims Mobile Game

the sims mobile importance of retirement

Unlike the PC versions of The Sims games, The Sims Mobile Game doesn’t feature deaths. Since your Sims do not require food or water, they are unaffected by your unavailability.

Plus, there are no fire hazards, swimming pools, or equipment repair in the mobile version of the game.

Hence, there’s no scope for character death since there are virtually zero hazards. However, your Sims will get old.

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Do Sims Get Naturally Older?

No. If you don’t play the game, you cannot expect to login after a few weeks to see your Sims age.

It is not a natural process. Your Sim will naturally age only when you complete events, have them participate in hobbies make them choose a career work.

If you are level 16 and above, your Sims will become eligible for retirement. You can get to know each and every such guides on advancing in the game from Have a look on how to use it from the video below:

What is Retirement?

As you progress in the game, your Sims will become eligible for retirement. You will be notified when one of your Sims is eligible to receive pensions.

Sims don’t become naturally eligible for retirement. Although Sims all throughout the game become older with time (even the randomly generated Sims will get older), in order to qualify for pension, the Sims you create need to be manually aged by you.

Sending Your Sims to Retirement

Once you get the notification stating that your Sims are eligible for retirement, you can either agree to this option or leave this decision pending.

If you decide to retire a Sim, he or she will automatically leave your family. This notification will appear as long as you age your Sims. They don’t need to work or get involved in a hobby.

At some point in your game in The Sims Mobile, you will see a message. The game will tell you that your Sim can already retire.

You can agree, and your Sim will automatically leave the family, but you can also leave this decision pending.

You can access this decision in the ‘Features’ section at any time.  But, if you decide to create a party, the notification will disappear, and you’ll get re-notified after some days.

Don’t worry; your existing Sims won’t miss the retired member. Plus, retirement doesn’t mean that these Sims will completely vanish from the game.

They’ll just become unplayable. The retired Sims will pop up every now and then as mentors in special events.


After retirement, your Sims will leave behind Heirlooms. Heirlooms are only available for purchase with Heirloom Tickets that can be really hard to get.

Heirlooms are very important for your Sims to get leveled up traits. The more leveled up traits your Sims have, the higher your chances are of leveling up in the game.

In case one of your Sims leaves behind an heirloom that you already have, you can trade it for an heirloom ticket, which can then be used to purchase a new heirloom.

Keep creating babies and keep retiring your old Sims. This is the circle of life that all Sims must go through!

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