My Story Choose Your Own Path Currency Features of the Game

My Story Currency Features

My Story Choose Your Own Path is a well-developed fantastic RPG based mobile game. It gains a lot of popularity in off late because of its interactive features as well as simple earning-process that every beginner can easily understand its concept. In the early stages and make quick progress throughout the period.

Looking in detail, the game contains collection of stories, chapters and levels in which every player can perform by using great techniques as well as make use of super moves.

Every time the player’s character accomplishes the given tasks properly then they will be able to get some exclusive rewards and bonuses as per their performance.

Stunning Features!

Features are the only part of My Story Choose Your Own Path Game which makes every story interesting and gives great feel to its users.

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Without any delay in time, let’s have looked the top-notch quality features in the upcoming paragraphs.

Try to earn EXP!

EXP stands for experience points that can be earn by different ways such as completing the tasks and also completing the stories in the game.

Therefore, simply start playing the game and pay attention on the EXP. Even it will also allow you to earning the huge amount of currencies because once you complete the exp then it will give you great currencies like diamond and tickets that would be best for you.

You can easily read the reviews online in order to grab more facts about the exp points online that will give you great support in the game.


The My Story Choose Your Own Path Game has simple gameplay which contains some interesting stories and each one consists of varieties of chapters that gamers have to complete in order to unlock the further or additional stories.

The game also allows the players to prepare their character by giving quality outfits in order to make their look more impressive. By doing this, one can also get in a relationship with other gaming characters over the course.

Collect The Daily Rewards!

Now you can easily collect daily rewards that is really amazing so simply start working on its great outcomes, people always make the decision of playing the My Store: Choose Your Own Path game because it allow them to enjoy.

Daily rewards and all such ways to earn diamonds in the game is very necessary when it comes to play it without using real money. Such legal my story free diamonds hack are very important to look out.

Customization is the most common feature of the game, but we must those they it is the most amazing option for the player that will give the people to choose the right option.

When you decided to playing the game then you should focus on the customization because it will allow you to dress up the characters wisely.


There are different types of useful In-Game Items present in My Story Choose Your Own Path Game that can be buying by spending the player’s real-money.

Make sure choose those items that helps with the real-money which helps the players in every now and then through the course of the My Story Choose Your Own Path Game.

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