Choices: Stories You Play Characters Guide – A Brief Explanation!

Choices Characters Guide

The Choices: Stories You Play comes with four different types of characters such as characters, your characters, main characters and the look-alike face models.

Therefore, each section includes different kinds of characters those will comes in various stories. To commence with the freshman that will comes in section of first story so get ready.

Choices Characters Guide

Other is the Crown and the Flame, which is the other story that is really impressive for the players.

Let me explain the freshman that will allow you to enjoy the dedicated option such as –

  • Main character (Emily Day)
  • Christopher “Chris” Powell
  • Rebecca “Becca” Davenport
  • Tripp (Edgar Tripp)
  • James Ashton
  • Abbie Bishop
  • Helen Twombly

Logon and many others those are counted in the first book of The Freshman so get ready to use all these characters in the game that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay wisely.

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  • The Freshman Book 4!
  • In this story, you will find only 3 main and other more characters:-
  • Alyson Jo “AJ” Powell
  • Teddy
  • Lobster (Gerald)
  • Russell Thibbs
  • Vanessa Kingsley

As we have mentioned some great names of characters, so now it will depend on the choice of the players that which character they want to choose.

Getting Characters in the game is easy when you have in-game resources to exchange with them. Learn how to earn in-game resources quickly from the game itself. You will find a detailed list of such ways to earn resources from site. Have a look.

Game Series

In the game you will find three series as well as three different genres such as romance, fantasy and the mystery.

Over two dozen more series have already launched as the game has evolved and already expanded.

Due to this, every player of this game wants to become a dedicated player of this game and experience its great features always.

You can play this game and check out the following series that are currently running –

To commence with the freshman, Junior, senior series that is really amazing.

  • Most Wanted
  • Rules Of Engagement
  • A Courtesan of Rome
  • Across the Void
  • The Crown & The Flame
  • Open Heart
  • Passport To Romance
  • The Haunting Of Braidwood Manor
  • The Royal Romance and The Royal Heir

Furthermore, you will find many more series in the Choices: Stories You Play game that will automatically seek your attention today.

Therefore, simply start playing the game, which would be really a dedicated option for so simply start enjoying the gameplay that would be really supportive for you.

Reviews of People!

In the starting days of the game, players will find various kinds of features and it really looks amazing and easy to play the series of the game.

However, everything get puzzle when you start enjoying the gameplay and once you reach the top experience of the game then you may face complications.

As the most experience holders says that they cannot complete the series in couple of days because they are really complications and unable to understand sometimes.

However, a good player always use it mind and start working on its great feature wisely and easily.

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